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Who We Are

In today’s uncertain economic environment, it’s becoming tough for banks to offer approvals to small-mid sized businesses and tougher to access lines of credit. Merchant Cash Cloud was built to solve this issue and save businesses across America.

Founded in 2012 by industry veteran Michael Massa, Merchant Cash Cloud was established with one goal in mind: To help fuel Americas business. With our creative approach in Underwriting, Support and Marketing we have helped 1,000’s of small- mid sized businesses across the country reach their goals.

What We Do

MCC provides working capital related to financial products, in the form of Merchant Cash Advances (MCA) to small and medium sized businesses (Merchants) through both wholesale and direct channels. Wholesale originations are conducted by MCC through a network of third party Independent Sales Organizations (ISO) and aggregation partners. Direct sales origination’s are conducted through MCC’s sales department.

Approval | Funding Ratio

We have a 90% approval ratio from submission. The percentage that actually receives funding is 70% from approval.

Cash Advance - Pie Chart

August 2012

Merchant Cash Cloud was founded August 1st 2012.  Since our inception we have helped 1,000’s of businesses.

Our Ethics

Our first rule of business is to do what’s right for the client.  Our clientele is a direct reflection of how we operate as a company.

Customer Service

Our Clients have rated us #1 in customer service. We take the time to listen to the needs and concerns of each customer.

24 hour

We take pride in our ability to approve each new applicant within 24hrs from the time a complete submissions is received.

We fuel Americas Businesses

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