Small Business Loan Programs


What is an MCC Small Business Loan?

Merchant Cash Cloud offers many different Small Business Loan Options through a variety of partners in our Lending Network.  Compared to Merchant Cash Advance Programs the terms on our Small Business Loan Products tend to be a bit more favorable.  With longer terms and a lower cost of money depending on which programs a business qualifies for a Unsecured Small Business Loan,  Short Term Business Loan, Long Term Business Loan or Line of Credit may be the way to go.

Why is a Small Business Loan different than a Cash Advance?

A Merchant Cash Advance is the sale of your future receivables at a discount whereas a Small Business Loan is a true loan and is subject to each states usury laws.  Typically MCC’s Small Business Loan Programs require a solid business history and credit score and therefore have lower costs and more favorable terms while Merchant Cash Advances can provide funding to less stellar businesses.  Merchant Cash Cloud has a wide network of Lenders on our Platform and can cater to any Business Type.


Launched in 2008, Merchant Cash Cloud has dveloped a Lending Platform that utilizes Technology to make originating and Funding Small Business Loans as quick and easy as possible. We can approve businesses for loans within 24 hours and as little as one hour during business hours, and pride ourselves on being able to fund our small business loans in as little as 24 – 48 hours. Merchant Cash Cloud’s Small Business Loan and Fast Business Loan Funding Programs, focus on the health of your business, with less focus on your personal or business Credit Score and therefore have a much higher approval rate than Banks.
MCC’s Fast Business Loan, Small Business Loan, Short term and Long term Small Business Loan Benefits:

  • Small Business Loan amounts from $5,000 to $1MM
  • Friendly, In House Underwriting Staff
  • Nationwide Lender Network, Funding in all 50 States
  • Fast Business Loan Programs, Same Day Approvals

Short Term Small Business Loans

  • As low as 9% Total Interest Percentage
  • Average rates of 19% Total Interest Percentage

Long Term Small Business Loans

  • As low as 5.99% Annual Interest Rate
  • Average rates of 30% Annual Interest Rate

Minimum Qualifications:
If you have at least 1 Year in Business and a 500 Minimum FICO Score, MCC Can get you the Small Business Loan you need.


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Business Growth

Our studies show that when a business owner receives a Merchant Cash Advance, on average their sales increase and profit by at least 20%. Having this outlet has fueled businesses across the nation.

Order Fulfillment

Being able to obtain money when you need it for inventory is vital. Owning a business is all about opportunity. We are able to approve and fund your business in less than 72 hours.


We are able to provide fast approvals when an opportunity  presents itself last minute. Having us in your corner allows you the edge you may need to win a bid for that awesome new opportunity.


We have powerful and accurate reporting tools that allow our customers the ability to view their transactions, balances and renewal ability real-time with personalized logins

Why Choose a Small Business Loan?

Merchant Cash Advances have become more and more popular among Businesses that do not qualify for Traditional Bank Loans. A Merchant Cash Advance is an attractive option for most business owners because of the simplicity and ease of the entire funding process.

Easy Application Process

Small Business Loan Programs are easy to apply for with Merchant Cash Cloud, Just Fill out our Simple 1 Page Application.

Minimal Documentation

Unlike Bank Loans, MCC’s Small Business Loan Programs requireminimal documentation that is readily available for most businesses.

Fast Funding

Small Business Loan Funding takes as little as 1 – 2 Business Days

Flexible Payback Methods

Many Small Business Loan Payback options available.

"I got my Fast Small Business Loan from Merchant Cash Cloud and Couldn't be more pleased. I received funding in 3 business days and now can grow my business."
Ron B. - Coffee Shop Owner

Small Business Loan F.A.Q

How soon can I receive my funds?

After being Pre-Approved, Merchants can receive their Small Business Loan in as little as 1 – 2 Days.

How much money can I get?

Merchant Cash Cloud’s Small Business Loans Range Anywhere from $5,000 to $1MM

Can I take out another Loan?

Yes.  Many of our customers renew their Small Business Loan when their initial loan is 50% Paid In.

How much does it cost to apply?

It’s free! Merchant Cash Cloud has No Application Fee’s for our Small Business Loan Programs.

How do I get Started?

Fill out our simple application at

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